About The Council Bluffs Cosmopolitan Club

Mission Statement 

The mission of Cosmopolitan Club is to contribute to community well-being through charitable donations and volunteer service with special emphasis on supporting efforts to prevent and find a cure for diabetes


Cosmopolitan International began its long and storied history in Kansas City, Missouri in 1918 where the club was formally chartered and incorporated as the International Federation of Cosmopolitan Clubs. Our founder, attorney Patrick J. Hodgins, wanted a civic organization that fully adopted the ideals of Unity of purpose, Service to the community and Action on the part of all members. The name Cosmopolitan was selected because of the meaning of “citizen of the world.”

Cosmopolitans have been involved in a variety of local projects in the communities we serve, with over 50 clubs throughout the United States and Canada.  Our true legacy is in the area of our fight against diabetes. The membership took on diabetes as our International Project in 1977. Since that time, Cosmopolitan has established itself as a leader in the fight with internationally renowned centers working to identify, treat and research this horrible disease.

What’s a COSMO?


(1) A person with a passion to raise awareness for diabetes.

(2) An organization that has given $5 million+ toward a cure.

(3) A Cosmo is a friend!