Paws Saving Lives Program

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Council Bluffs Cosmopolitan Club invites you to participate in an effort to raise funds for diabetic alert dogs. You or someone you love may benefit from owning a diabetic alert dog, which is a service dog trained to detect sugar highs and lows in diabetics. If you would like to help an individual with diabetes own their own diabetic alert dog, please make your donation today. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.



Your Donation is Tax Deductible.  We are a 501 (c) (3) organization



Process for applying for assistance from 

The Cosmopolitan Club of Council Bluffs

Paws Saving Lives is a program designed for diabetics with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. These individuals may be experiencing frequent night time reactions or many have hypoglycemic insensitivity. The individual can slip into a diabetic coma and not even realize that it is happening. This problem is especially prevalent with teens who can self-diagnose during the waking hours of their day but may not realize that it is happening to them when they are asleep. A trained Alert Dog may be an appropriate response for these problems. These dogs are trained to tell when a diabetic has high or low blood sugar and can alert caregivers who can provide the needed remedy.


These dogs, who are trained to tell when these incidents are happening in real-time., can come with a price-tag; anywhere from $5000 to $20,000. Obviously, people who are already dealing with the high cost of medicine to treat diabetes may find this cost prohibitive. That’s where the Cosmopolitan Club of Council Bluffs steps in.


We offer supplemental monetary grants to individuals seeking a diabetic alert service dog.Past experience from helping individuals and families means we can answer many questions you may have about the process.


  1. The candidate must complete an application for our assistance. This application contains basic family information as well as a written justification as to why a service dog is needed. We ask them to provide a brief statement how this service dog is needed. We ask them to provide a brief statement how this service dog will improve their quality of life. When available, include a statement from the Physician to support the need for a service dog; Detail their fundraising so far; and finally, where are they on the waiting list for a “Trained Dog”?
  2. Our Paws for Life committee will review these applications and make a recommendation to the Club for any awards to be given.


Please click here to download the Paws Saving Lives grant application form. Page 1

Please click here to download the Paws Saving Lives Grant Application Form Page 2

Complete the Form and Mail To:
Dale Treadway
129 Fawn Park Dr
Council Bluffs, Ia 51503

For additional information
Phone 402-709-6738

LIST OF DOG TRAINING FACILITIES our grant applicants have received D.A.D.s from:

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America, Las Vegas, Nevada

Cares Inc  Concordia, Kansas ( other locations across United States )

Topaz Assistance Dogs, Naples, Florida

Bowen Elite Service Dogs, Lapuai, Idaho

River’s Edge Dog Academy, College Station, Texas

Glad Wags Service Dogs, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tattletail Scent Dogs, Salt Lake City, Utah