Board Members

President: Dale Treadway – Dale is a retired financial executive having retired from Beneficial Finance Corporation in 1988 and Pacesetter Corporation in 2002. He has three years with the club. Dale is married and has a son and daughter. He is involved with the Care and Share Food Pantry and is the Paw’s Savings Lives Coordinator.

Vice President and President Elect:  Ron Fox:  Ron is a retired teacher of Mathematics.  He taught four years in Akron, Iowa; 30 years at Lewis Central in Council Bluffs, Iowa; and served as a Math Consultant for Loess Hills AEA 13 for seven years.  Ron became a Cosmo in 2012 and served as Secretary until 2017.  He and his wife Barbara have been married for 5 years and share a “blended” family  consisting of two daughters (Barb’s), four sons (two Barb’s. two Ron’s), and 14 grand children (9 Barb’s and 5 Ron’s).

Treasurer: Kent Stopak – Kent is currently serving as the Principal of Titan Hill Elementary School in the Lewis Central School District. He has been there in that role for a number of years. Before that, he taught and coached in the Council Bluffs Community School District. Kent is married, has two daughters, and is very active with the JDRF program. His oldest daughter has Type 1 diabetes and has been motivation for his efforts. He and his wife have raised over $100k for JDRF over the last ten years through various fundraising “family” projects.

Secretary: Doug Moore – Doug is a Vice-President for American National Bank in Omaha. He Joined our group three years ago and now uses his organizational skills as our Fundraising Committee Chair to our benefit. Doug is married, has two daughters and a son. He wears many different hats for our club.

Sergeant of Arms: Ed Tucker – Ed is a retired pharmacist. He worked for Walgreens as a pharmacist and later as a store manager over 50 years. Ed is married, has three children, and 11 grandchildren. Ed is a diabetic so our cause is near and dear to him as well.