JDRF One Walk

The Nebraska-Southwest Iowa Chapter of JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) held its 28th annual JDRF One Walk on Saturday August 24, 2019 . It is one of about 200 JDRF One Walks held annually across the nation to raise money for type 1 diabetes research.

The Council Bluffs Cosmopolitan Club proudly supports JDRF with an annual donation and also have an involvement in their Walk.

JDRF-funded research was critical in the development of a 24-hour blood glucose monitor that gives a reading every five minutes. The device can transmit readings to a smartphone for easy use.

JDRF was also the “driving force” behind the development of the artificial pancreas, which was put on the market in the summer of 2017. It has the technology to receive information from the 24-hour monitor and adjust blood glucose levels accordingly.

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic, life threatening autoimmune disease that can strike someone at any age. It requires around-the-clock monitoring of blood glucose levels to prevent devastating complications. Unlike Type 2 diabetes, it is not related to diet or lifestyle and can’t be prevented.

The search for a cure goes on. Progress has been made over the past half-century in helping those with Type 1 diabetes live a more normal life. Hopefully in much less than 50 years the cure will be found.

To Learn More About what JDRF does  jdrf.org/nebraska